Artesanía Infantil Sonata

Artesanía Infantil Sonata are a wonderful & unique Spanish Brand founded more than 30 years ago.  Just like their clothing, the company itself has a refreshing & captivating story. A small family company, Artesanía Infantil Sonata produce handmade designer children's clothing using traditional methods passed down generations. The clothing Is made in a small village in Careñes, Asturias, Spain in the old cottage’s house,

The collections combine both modern and classic styles using the best Spanish materials to Produce the most unique and delicate outfits ,adorned with layers upon layers of fabric, Lace and Ribbons for the girls, and smart classically tailored pique Boys outfits for any little price.  A truly magical brand with a magical story.  Exclusive to Dulce Bebe Boutique in Dubai.