Things are getting SpOoKy

!Hola a todos!

We've been very quiet recently, Covid has been difficult for our business as its made production extremely slow this year, we've had to strip back our AW collection, but as always we will have our special exclusive 'Dulce Bebe Collection' Dress.

We continue to work with our wonderful designers in Spain, as you all know Spain was hit very very hard during this pandemic. This year we are dedicated to shopping small and supporting local business as much as possible to help during this difficult time.

You'll notice we will be tagging all of our favourite local artisans and shops, and I intend try to buy as many Christmas Presents as I can from local companies.

Our Halloween bow collection launches today.... be quick though as last year we sold out!

My little witches Mia & Amelie (and hopefully Lily) love Halloween, I am so excited and plan on making it super spooky for the kids as I don't think there will be trick-or-treat activities this year.  Lots of creepy cookies, crafts and toffee apple making instead this year!!

Christmas hair bow designs are being worked on currently, and we have been super busy with all our School Logo Bows!

Don't forget to share details of our products with your friends, and as always we love to receive our little customers photos and tags!! 

Stay Safe everyone xx

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