Why are Spanish Children's clothes so popular?

In the last few years we have seen the revival of Spanish Baby Clothing. The demand for Traditional clothing has seen an increase largely due to the Royal Family, and namely Prince George and Princess Charlotte whom are often photographed wearing luxury Spanish Baby clothes. Parents everywhere clambered to recreate this traditional look for their little ones, and from there began the renaissance of Traditional Spanish Children's tailoring. 

For Dulce Bebe Boutique, 2015 was the year that we stocked the celebrated Fair Isle jumper by Spanish brand 'Fina Ejerique'. Little known to us when we placed our orders for AW that year, that our choice would also be the choice for Prince George!

Here he is wearing the notable jumper in the Official Christmas Photograph.

 At this point, we were one of only a few retailers who had stock of this lovely sweater, and we were inundated with orders from as far as Costa Rica, New York and Spain itself (where it had completely sold out)   

 So, why? Why choose Spanish Children's Clothing?

Well, for me the answer is simple; quality and timeless style.

My obsession with Spanish children's clothing began when I found out I was pregnant. I already knew from that moment exactly what type of clothes I would buy for my baby.   I thought back to time I had spent in Spain and memories of how the Spanish took such pride in dressing their babies and children.  I remember thinking then that if I ever had a child I would want to dress them same! Frills, Bows, Ribbons, Lace and Pique - and that was just on the Prams (Carricoche)! 

Im so happy that we are able to continue the heritage of traditional childrenswear, and I get such pleasure working with our Spanish brands and designers many of whom pass down their tailoring skills from generation to generation.  

The Spanish children clothes are beautiful timeless pieces with lovely details. In the details we found passion. From sweet cotton knitwear for babies to adorable handmade smoke dresses for girls, or smart shirts for boys.

The garments we choose are made by hand and take around 4-6 weeks to make, for me, this is worth waiting for. Knowing that my girls wear the best Spanish clothing which has been made with passion makes it so special, not to mention that each design forms part of a collection and therefore makes them so unique.





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